Since 2007 Career Blindspot has provided workshops, coaching, and training experiences to various teams and individuals worldwide. From executive level to entry level, sales/business development, accounting, safety, operation, and more. Career Blindspot believes when leaders understand their people and vice versa they will always succeed. Without understanding why people work, accountability is lost. We work with leaders who see value in learning more about themselves and their people. Our clients understand that people seek out the work they think we deserve, and that is the ultimate opportunity for high performance.

Our MISSION is to remove workplace excuses by providing insights into talent and cultures of growing teams and individuals seeking to improve.

Our VISION is where everyone works their hardest, creates their own desired change, and finds fulfillment in and out of the office.


Understand it - Respect what can and can’t be changed.

Consider it - Remove assumptions from truth, consider the unknown.

Apply it - Leverage insights that turn obstacles into opportunity.

Prove it - Provide accurate insights that support progress.

Challenge it - Focus on what results should and could be.

Juan Kingsbury

As a consultant, Juan guides teams and individuals to turn self awareness and peer awareness into opportunities. He believes that put in the right environment any individual can and SHOULD be a superstar performer, and eager to prove it.

Additionally, he collaborates with other consultants, recruiters, trainers and executives to foster their own expertise in talent management and recognition with Career Blindspot training and coaching.

  •  Born And Raised In Phoenix

  • Happily Married to Courtney

  • Has a Dachshund/Dragon, Harvey

  • Has An Analogy For Everything

  • A Walt Disney World Alumni

  • Loves/Hates The Phoenix Suns

  • Will Learn Something From You

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