Career Blindspot




Since 2007 Career Blindspot has provided workshops, coaching, and training experiences to various teams and individuals worldwide. From executive level to entry level, sales/business development, accounting, safety, operation, and more. Career Blindspot believes when leaders understand their people and vice versa they will always succeed. Without understanding why people work, accountability is lost. We work with leaders who see value in learning more about themselves and their people. Our clients understand that people seek out the work they think we deserve, and that is the ultimate opportunity for high performance.

Our MISSION is to remove workplace excuses by providing insights into talent and cultures of growing teams and individuals seeking to improve.

Our VISION is where everyone works their hardest, creates their own desired change, and finds fulfillment in and out of the office.


  • TALENT - Know what you’re good at.

  • SYSTEMS  - Know where you’re headed.

  • RESOURCES - Use the right tools.

  • NETWORK - Collaborate intentionally.

  • SKILLS - Grow where it counts.

Juan Kingsbury, Talent Strategist

Juan Kingsbury, CEO of Career Blindspot, empowers mission-obsessed leaders by working on the one aspect of their business they’re often overlooking – their people’s mission.

Armed with more than a decade of human behavior expertise, Juan brings a spirit of sharp curiosity and a call for accountability to transform workforces into thriving, impactful businesses on a mission to change the world. Juan works with the existing people and resources within the business to uncover overlooked potential in people, spark new opportunities and deepen insight into how leaders should hire, develop and grow employees.

Juan developed his knowledge of human science under TTI Success Insights, where he mastered his understanding of human behavior, specializing in train-the-trainer, team building and hiring ideal talent. In 2013, Juan became a mission-obsessed leader himself, founding Career Blindspot to work directly with leaders and their people to supercharge their culture and cut the excuses.   

Juan is a Phoenix native and proud alumni of Glendale Community College, Arizona State University (where he is a career coach for select Barrett The Honors College scholars) and Walt Disney World.