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Understanding + anticipating people at work

Know Talent. Know Culture. No Excuses.


Self-Awareness is the Gift of Smart Leaders.

“Work used to be about survival, for many it still is; yet more and more people are making life altering career decisions seeking personal fulfillment… ?”

Juan Kingsbury

Juan Kingsbury





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Understanding + Anticipating…


Know Talent. Through hiring assessments and practices know the talent of future and current performers - what they naturally gravitate to, what they avoid. Predict the challenge and opportunities every employee will uniquely bring to your organization. Finding those who love the work.



Know Culture. Through workshops know the culture of your current organization and unique teams - what unites them, what drives them, what could be missing. Develop your teams awareness of self, others and teach them how to adapt for the greater good! Leverage your team’s strengths.



No Excuses. Through custom 1on1s people learn there are no excuses - give them the opportunity to take on the right challenges for their jobs, themselves and their future. Go beyond and certifying your head of HR or internal trainer. Re-Engineer workplace excuses.