Discover A New Work Mindset

Discover A New Work Mindset

Coaching Leaders Through Hiring and Development – And Individuals Toward Fulfillment.

No longer is it about people “just doing their damn jobs”. Be it a crisis or push for the next level of business, leaders need everyone to lead. On the other end, individuals seek more than a paycheck and jaded high performers will always seek greener pastures.

Career Blindspot Values


The VISION – Work is an adventure for all.

The MISSION – Eliminate workplace excuses.

Know what is personally non-negotiable and what isn’t.

Accept others’ convictions.

Understand the real work that needs to be done

Career Blindspot - Leadership Development

Leaders Understand People

Do you want to know who’s really on YOUR team? Leaders understand and leverage their people’s strengths, while mindful of the inevitable “blindspots”. As your Talent Strategist, I provide you bold and clear insights on the people you need to show up everyday and trust in the ever changing work environment. Dependent on your needs, I provide people feedback via phone/workshop; or facilitate a deep dive with you and your team. Before our work is through, you’ll have a new appreciation for your own leadership style and see opportunities to set others, including yourself, up for success.

People Understand Purpose

Are you burnt out, jaded or simply bored with work? Everyone goes to work for a paycheck, happy people go to work, because they are capable, grateful and never done solving their job’s problems. As your personal Talent Strategist, I help you leverage your Purpose Advantage - aka discover the work you REALLY want to do. Based on your needs, I facilitate a workshop to help you understand your Purpose Advantage and/or I am your trusted guide helping you stay the course and get out of your own way. Look forward to feeling vindicated and knowing where you belong.
Career Blindspot - Career Development
  • “I am now able to communicate on a higher level with my techs and patients. Since getting my certification, I am able to present my knowledge at a professional level at a pharmacy conference.”

    Lead Pharmacist
  • “My catalyst for change was more a series of conversations. These conversations helped me figure out what makes me tick and where I could find fulfillment.”

    Data Analyst
  • “Confidence was never my strong suite, but looking back at my work history, I learned I had grown. Networking still wasn’t fun, but went smoother.”

    Medical Insurance Provider
  • “Understanding what made me tick. I’m a social creature who put myself in too quiet of an environment. Rather than let my desires frustrate me, I put them to work and partnered with amazing people to build something I valued.”

    Sales Rep
  • “Juan’s ability to find the hidden implications… and identify possible ways they ‘may’ play out, allows me to see my client through a fresh set of eyes.”

    Executive Coach

Meet Juan Kingsbury.

Juan Kingsbury, Founder and Talent Strategist of Career Blindspot, believes people’s workplace bias is the untapped opportunity for growth. Juan works with leaders to anticipate their people, and people to understand their jobs. Armed with more than a decade of human behavior insights, Juan brings to every workplace an understanding of human nuance and workplace results – intertwining them to create intentional culture. Juan works with smart leaders who invest in their high-performers and high-potentials, sparking new insights to how leaders can attract and grow employees.

Juan developed his knowledge of human behavioral science under TTI Success Insights, where he mastered his understanding of human behavior – specializing in train-the-trainer for some of the corporate world’s best, team building, coaching, and selection. In 2013, Juan created Career Blindspot to work directly with leaders and their ever changing teams. In 2019 he launched the Career Blindspot Podcast to spread the message of knowing talent, knowing culture and making no excuses in the workplace.

Juan is a Phoenix native and proud alumni of Glendale Community College, Arizona State University (where he is a career coach for select Barrett The Honors College scholars) and Walt Disney World.