Career Blindspot


Before Your Client Call, Call Me.


Your client assessment results are:

  • Normal, “Did I miss anything?”

  • Odd, “Hmmm, not what I expected…”

  • SCARY, “Uh oh, how do I explain this!?!?”

Juan’s ability to find the hidden implications… and identify possible ways they ‘may’ play out, allows me to see my client through a fresh set of eyes.
— Steven Hill, Executive Coach
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Objective Feedback | Understand Client Nuance | Articulate Complexities


  • Meet your client with confidence.

  • Strategize the pain points and opportunities.

  • Zero in on their perspective.


  • TTI Assessments - 2nd Opinions

    • DISC, Driving Forces, Motivators, DNA, EQ, Acumen, Sales Skills, etc

  • Team Report or Group Dynamics - 2nd Opinion

    • Peer to peer, team trends

  • Benchmark Coaching

    • Coaching on best client experience

    • Accuracy and reliability of results


  • 30 Days of Support - $595

    • 5 Assessment/Team Report Reviews - See Sample Write Up

    • 2 Phone Calls, <2hrs

    • 90 Day Retainer, $1,500

  • Additional Service

    • Hourly Rate - $250

    • (5) Hours Prepaid - $625

  • Client Facing Activities are open to negotiating

    • Debriefs, Facilitating

    • Benchmarks (I can make these very convenient for your client!)

Get Your edge on the assessment game!


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You know assessments.

I know you. Let’s works together to understand your client and win the business you want!

- Juan Kingsbury