Career Blindspot


See What They Saw


I was a frustrated staff pharmacist at major retailer lacking person development I felt overwhelmed. [Career Blindspot] helped me find direction and the right pharmacy fit.
— Pharmacist

My catalyst for change was more a series of conversations. These conversations helped me figure out what makes me tick and where I could find fulfillment.
— Data Analyst

Confidence was never my strong suite, but looking back at my work history, I learned I had grown. Networking still wasn’t fun, but went smoother.
— Medical Insurance Provider

Understanding what made me tick. I’m a social creature who put myself in too quiet of an environment. Rather than let my desires frustrate me, I put them to work and partnered with amazing people to build something I valued.
— Sales Rep

Coaching helped me see how my clients valued different types of work, and their preferred style could finance my vision on other projects.
— Videographer