Career Blindspot


3 High Impact Ways to Engage


“Understand and Anticipate.”


Bring in an objective perspective on your people. Leader and teams will get to know the opportunities/blindspots of individuals, peers and teams. Leader will discover what hinders or grows employees uniquely, and the impact on company and individuals.

Focus Areas

  • Employee Performance/Attitude

  • Team Dynamics/Communication

  • Role Performance/Issues


“Show your team their talent.”

TEAM Workshop

Give people the chance to better understand themselves, their team and how to adapt to one another. Self awareness, effective communication, and increased understanding of strengths/blindspots are guaranteed! Enhance with Personalized Assessments for all participants (Cost Vary).


  • DISC

  • Talent Insights (DISC and Motivators - Preferred)

  • Emotional Intelligence


“Be the Expert!”

DIY Certfication

Become the expert, learn DISC, DRIVING FORCES or EQ - (Just added!) at your own pace. Using Target Training International’s Learning Management System know the history, theory and application of the sciences of self, all from your desktop on your own time. Resources and sample reports to practice included!

Learn To

  • Interpret Assessment Results

  • Debrief Employee/Leadership

  • Weight Candidate Risk/Opportunity

For Individuals….


Private Coaching

Take your career focus/attitude/plan into your own hands. Are you ready to discuss the opportunity and truth that comes with improving, if not changing, one’s career future? Learn more about yourself, who you are, want to be, and what you can do about in a handful of direct, yet revealing sessions.


“Where am I headed?”

Focus Areas

  • Understanding Your Natural Talent

  • Where You Really Are/Want to Be

  • Tools to Leverage

  • Collaborating with the Right People

  • Grow Skills that Impact