005 Skills Blindspot


Work hard and smart.

Practice makes perfect but the right practice turns into - progress. Rather than checking in and checking out, just going through the motions of practice, progressing in a certain specific skill will have employees actually get you the end result they want.

Understanding that ultimately skills aren’t the reward, they lead up to something that provide new results. Knowing the reason to progressing in the skill and working on the skill feels different and awkward at first, and it’s supposed to. Be aware of this feeling of discomfort as it may become easier to quit when we don’t always see the point of improving skills.

 If employees think they don’t have time for a skill because of the workload from a job, help them see it with the WIIFM. Taking out time for this improvement would be the best way to use time and energy.

Thank you for tuning in to the series of blindspot podcasts, Talent, System, Resources, Network and now Skills. This is the last blindspot in this series of podcasts.  Be on the lookout for more to come and continue making the workplace a place to work on the things we truly care about.


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