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004 Network Blindspot

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You’d be surprised how many people want other people to succeed.

When it comes to networking, people may not understand or know the talents that their friends have. For employees, you know them, you work with them and you’re friends with them but what do they like to do and what are they willing to help you with?

Having this deeper connection and awareness of the people you are networking with can help you get the most out of it. Chances are there are people with some skills and talents that you are not tapping into. Wanting and welcoming the expertise of others and being available to help them is important to your network. 

Using your network positively is to not use it when you are desperate. That way you don’t come off demanding and unreasonable. Some things to think about when improving your network is empathy, respect and understanding. We think we know what people want and may think respect just comes from being nice. It’s so much more than just a wave or a hello. Being a great help to others and actually wanting to help in your own way is beneficial when working towards a good network.

 Tune in to episode 6 to find out the better perspective or word for the phrase practice makes perfect.



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