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003 Resources Blindspot

Crowd Blur

They either use their tools are they are one.

Do you know employees who could be managing their time better? Everyone could use a little help with that, but ultimately it isn’t about time. One of the biggest blindspots happens when you look at time as being the most valuable.

It isn’t, energy is. More specifically, the way you are spending your energy.

We have everything, all the resources we need to get what we want. Employees may just be simply losing track of why they have the resources. It often times creates frustration because although the resources serve a purpose, you may not see the true intention of why you have them. Not to save time, but to help do a job efficiently and effectively. Considering the misapplication, the abuse and the learning curve of resources will help perceive them in a different way. 

If you audit regularly used resources, employees may realize that not everything will incite happiness. Things either give energy or take them away. Looking for the truth and the gratitude into what resources you have can help you appreciate them more.

 Juan explores the network blindspot next. Fill in the blank…You’d be surprised how many people want you to _____? See what Juan’s answer is in the next episode.



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