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002 Systems Blindspot

Crowd Blur

Systems are a B!

B as in BEASTS! For employees they can be intimidating, confusing and or even underestimated especially when misunderstood. People can be frustrated about the systems and overwhelmed by it, but may not fully grasp what the system actually entails. If they’re not mindful of it, it can and will crush us!  

They may be thinking that the system is to blame but could be forgetting that there is a bigger picture and a greater perspective to think about. Inflating things that we can’t control or see, sometimes may feel like it’s crushing us. Ultimately there are outside forces influencing the system, and although it feels as though one person is in charge, it is the idea that systems are just an intangible agreement.

Some ways to greater understand the systems are to address the blindspots; perspective, intention and human influence. We don’t know what the system really is until you start questioning it. If you become frustrated, ask yourself what will stay the same or what will change. You should also be wondering what your coworkers or peers think about the company and the questions about change.

In the next episode Juan shares his thoughts on resources. Is time the most valuable resource like many believe? Juan doesn’t think so. Find out what he thinks is a little more important.



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