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001 Talent Blindspot

Future Leader

Everyone’s got talent, duh!

However, whether we know what it is or not, is a different story. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Employees often misunderstand and underutilize their own talent. It goes beyond resume skills and isn’t just the general things one can be good at.

So, what are your employees talent(s)?

Even if you are not sure, Juan Kingsbury is here to help. Explaining the three common blindspots when looking into talent. To identify, articulate and value it. Asking the questions: What thing do I often critique? What can I humbly brag about? Do people fully appreciate and understand my talent?

Figuring out what you or others would like to be thanked for brings you closer into finding what your true talent really is. When you get to the heart of something that you or others enjoy and are good at, you gain insight into the person they are and the person they like being. Helping you and others anticipate and predict each other’s potential frustrations.

 In the next episode about system blindspots find out why Juan says that systems are a b. And what the b may stand for. Thanks for tuning in.



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