Career Blindspot


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Ideal Talent - $3,000

Hiring people is easy. Hiring the RIGHT person is an art. Get Subject Matter Experts and Hiring Managers on the same page BEFORE investing your time and energy into screening talent.

Talent Coaching/Risk Analysis - $1,500+/Month

Would your hiring managers benefit from second pair of unbiased eyes? Get insights into candidate’s strengths, blindspots and risk BEFORE making the offer!


Workshop - $3,000

Why should you gather your people together for a 1/2 of Full Day workshop? So they can better understand themselves, their peers/customer, and learn how to apply it long after.

Communication Resolution - $1,500

Do you have 2 great performers that don’t see eye to eye, or simply want a dialogue to be facilitated so their partnership can grow and new results acheived.


DISC Certification - $1,500/ea

Have your own internal champion, certified in DISC, Driving Forces, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Train them so they may do all previously mentioned services in house!

1on1s - $2,650/3 Months

For any persons seeking a deep dive into their natural talents, what makes them tick, their role fit, current obstacle and future opportunities.