Ideal Hiring

Hiring is easy.


Hiring the RIGHT person is an art.

Being able to read people is an incredibly important skill. While organizations have vastly improved in their ability to recognize people’s talents and engage them uniquely, one area is often overlooked… the job.

What does success actually look like? Success is often not fully reflected in current results; so if everything (that mattered) did go right how would you know? Once clear on what real success is, than we can discover the IDEAL TALENT that NATURALLY will find that success.

Ideal Talent is a compliment, not a replacement to job descriptions, metrics, and other hiring and performance tools. It’s getting the PERSONALITY of the role.

If you think your hiring process could use a new angle - You want to create your IDEAL ASSESSMENT!

Who sees what you need to see?

Who sees what you need to see?

Step One

Who are your true SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS? Not just the top performers, but those who truly know what top performance should be.

Everyone has an opinion, focus on those who know what performance SHOULD be.

Step Two

Clarify the KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES of the specific role. Go deeper than industry generalities and seek the vital and unique company and culture responsibilities.

Knowing what matters most then allows you to understand the type of person who’s attracted to such work.

Your cultural uniqueness is key.

Your cultural uniqueness is key.

Be bold in recognizing your talent.

Be bold in recognizing your talent.

Step Three

Once you know the IDEAL CHARACTERISTICS you can than make confident moves - Predicting the risk of a hiring, promotion and overall fit a person will have to the role.

This is not replacing your process or gut instinct, it’s an complimenting to your ability in committing to future talent.