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3 High Impact Ways to Engage


“Know employee talent/candidate risk.”

PEOPLE Insights

Candidate/Employee - $595

Immediately know what drives your current or future talent or prevents them from advancing. Give hiring managers highlights of opportunities/risk before making a decision. Or grow employees by letting them understand themselves.

Ideal Talent - $2,500/Role

Before you commit/coach clarify the ideal talent of a role. Get job interview questions, know the red-flags, and how to develop for the role assess up to (5) candidates. Be objective on predicting success and struggle for the person, role and you.


“Show your team their talent.”

TEAM Insights

Workshop - $3,000/(1/2 day)

Create the experience that allows your people to best understand themselves, their team and how to adapt to one another. Side effects include - self awareness, more effective communication, and increased camaraderie.

Communication Resolution - $1,500/each

Do you have 2 great performers that don’t see eye to eye, or simply want a dialogue to be facilitated so their partnership can grow and new results achieved.


“Create a solutions focused culture.”

CULTURE Insights

All In - $20k-$35k Project, (3 to 6 Months)

Grow business by investing in every employee to better understanding where they’re at, where they should be, and want to be in their role and company.

Eliminate the workplace excuses.

Bring everyone together with team workshop(s) experiences so they communicate and engage more effectively.

Certify an internal champion and enhance the hiring practice to attract/incentivize the right talent that drives the mission.

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Want to DIY?

  • Interpret

  • Debrief Staff

  • Lead a Workshop

  • Get Deals on Reports!

Certify - $1,500/Science

Become the expert in DISC and/or DRIVING FORCES. Using Target Training International’s Learning Management System learn the history, theory and application of the sciences of self. Learn More!