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As individuals we all want to improve and get better. However, how we each go about doing so will vary from person to person. What works for someone else, may not always work for you, but more importantly what's the end goal. Why are you wanting to develop?

Are you new to a job?

Seek personal development? 

Feel stuck?

Whatever your reasons for development, Career Blindspot can help individuals leverage their natural talents, as well as understand and manage blindspots so they may spend most of their time growing in ways that the most beneficial and self rewarding. 


We've been where you are. You stay in your job because you need the money, benefits, etc. You’ve left a job before, but circumstances were different; today you don’t see realistic options or maybe there are too many.

“What’s the right career move for me?”



Jimmy: “I was a staff pharmacist at major retailer. I was frustrated from day one, because of the lack of staff support I always felt overwhelmed. Working at a job I hated to pay off a huge student loan was excruciating.”

Koshin: “I’ve been a programmer for most of my adult life and thought this it what I do. But while the concept of programming fascinated me, the jobs I was taking didn’t. I didn’t think I could or should have fun.” 

Catalin: “I finally saw my options were more abundant than I thought. Seeing others pass up opportunities actually helped me capitalize on mine.”

Jamie: “Confidence was never my strong suite, but looking back at my work history , I learned I had grown. Networking still wasn’t fun, but went smoother.”

Madison: “There were other opportunities in pharmacology that I actually enjoyed and could laterally move into.”

Joe: “Understanding what made me tick. I’m a social creature who put myself in too quiet of an environment. Rather than let me desires frustrate me, I put them to work and partnered with amazing people to build something I valued.”

Nader: “Thank you for helping me accept not everyone wanted my style of work, but their style of work could finance my vision on other projects.”

Courtney: “"My catalyst for change was more a series of conversations. These conversations helped me figure out what makes me tick and where I could find happiness.”



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