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Become the expert in DISC and DRIVING FORCES. Using Target Training International’s Learning Management System you can learn the history, theory and application of the science of self. LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE. Look forward to:

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  • Reference Manual

  • History

  • Assessment

  • Reading the Graphs

  • Reading the Wheel

  • Understand High/Low Styles

  • Direct Access to Generating New Assessments

  • Discounted Reports!

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Jimmy Stevens, PharmD

The training helped me to better understand myself and what drives me. I am now more aware of other people’s behaviors, including my techs and patients.

I am able communicate with other people on a higher level. Since getting my certification, I am able to present my knowledge and practice of it at a professional level at a pharmacy conference.

I enjoyed the organization, categorization, and challenged of the online materials.