087 Leading Body Image with Kourtney Thomas

March 10, 2021

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” -Dolly Parton

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CBQ: “In 2020, what has been your best or worst habit that you implemented?”

Understanding that there is more to life than what your body looks like is what self discovery facilitator, Kourtney Thomas, preaches. Along with implementing body neutrality and mindfulness, she works with women to have a better relationship with themselves, their goals and their careers. Today, we discuss topics of body image in the workplace, the disconnect between actions and goals and what the industry has been selling that negatively impacts consumers’ mindset. 

  • Recognize your own personal bias and learn how it may be showing up in the workplace
  • The health and fitness journey isn’t black and white and you are not just here to have a certain type of body
  • Be mindful of what you enjoy and do that