076 Performance Harmony: Why Good Teams Get Out of Tune

December 15, 2020

“Good teams get out of tune because they are emotionally unaware of themselves and peers.”

– JK

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CBQ – “Where’s your team out of tune?

Performance Harmony, it’s those great days when everyone performs, feels valued and connected to others. However, much like 2020 things don’t always go as planned. Listen to today’s quick ep for the 3 keys to harmony:

  • Key 1 – Role Objectivity, crucial outcome
  • Key 2 – Individual Empathy, varying motivations
  • Key 3 – Peer Respect, awareness of other’s roles and vice versa.

Leader Exercise:

  1. Pick a person out of tune.
  2. Out of 100%, How clear are THEY of their ROLE OBJECTIVE, Themself, Peers’.
  3. Help THEM see the LOWEST area [aka use that EQ training!].